$1 of every product sold sponsors a Mina menstrual cup for an African girl in need.

A Ythera Welcome from Anna Njoroge, Founder & CEO

I am in awe of the African Woman…and alas you pause and wonder how this applies to you? But you see, she lives in all of us in so many different facets. Her power, beauty, strength, femininity, and resilience exhibited while handling life with grace and excellence is a work of beauty, this is the stuff goals are made of.

This is a tribute to my grandmothers, my mother, my aunties (especially Auntie Grace, and Mama Ciru), cousins, and friends who have been a guiding star in my life, The brand is so appropriately named Ythera Beauty, after my paternal grandmother "Waithera" a Kenyan Kikuyu tribe name. I never met her for she died before I was born, but the stories I hear of her from everyone give me chills, she was a phenomenal woman. I have often wondered who she would have become if she had been born in this era. I wanted to honor her and immortalize her by creating products that care, protect, nourish, and make us feel beautiful and amazing every day. Products that tell you that in spite of all the world throws your way, you are valued and loved and that you are enough and beautiful. 

To step into the world every day with confidence knowing you are worthy and deserve adoration. To embrace your uniqueness for there is power and greatness in being you, behold you are magnificent! You must not settle for what society thinks you should be and venture out to explore that little voice in your head that says otherwise and explore it. At Ythera Beauty our promise is to embrace and support you as you explore your limitlessness, in all your beautiful glory, and confidence one tentative step at a time, we've got you.

Welcome to the "Be Limitless" family, where we will share in our journeys together, in pursuit of excellence, not perfection. Where we embrace the potential of a woman in all its beautiful complexities. We craft products from ingredients that care for you and manufacture them in Kenya because we believe in empowering women through the creation of jobs and paying a livable wage.  

As part of our promise to the community, we donate $1.00 of every product towards providing a girl in need with a Mina Menstrual Cup in a quest to help end period poverty.  After all, how can a girl feel empowered when she is missing school every month during her menstrual cycle due to a lack of sanitary products? I believe in starting at the bottom in helping each woman find her LIMITLESS.