Our Story

Crafting products from carefully select ingredients to nourish and protect  black skin and hair. 

Anna Njoroge,
Founder & CEO Ythera Beauty
our story

I am Tomboy who loves everything beauty and fashion, my love affair with fragrance started when I was a little girl and runs deep, this is because scent  speaks to the deepest parts for us, it has the power to change a mood, transform how we feel, boost confidence, evoke feelings of happiness and so much more; and the best part is, you can have multiple scents and wear each one depending on your mood, how you feel,  how you want to feel or what you want to communicate.

Skin care  is my passion, a beautiful  journey I started in my early 20's; I love it when my skin is healthy, soft and glowing.  However, finding one product that moisturized, nourished, and hydrated my body was elusive and mixing multiple products to feel moisturized was just not working for me. I thought my skin was the issue but in my quest to understand why nothing worked for me, I discovered most black men and women had the same issues.  This is because our beautiful melanated skin looses water through our skin at a higher rate than other ethnicities, therefore, we need products with ingredients that nourish, protect and repair the skin barrier. 

Armed with this knowledge I set out to  craft products from carefully selected ingredients to nourish and protect our beautiful melanated skin,  hair   and fragrances that smell divine to make us feel beautiful everyday.

Ythera Beauty is inspired by the power of the African Woman...we embrace the potential of a woman’s life in all its beautiful complexities. Powerful and feminine; unique and authentic….BELIMITLESS.

Our Purpose

We craft  products from carefully selected ingredients that address black skin and hair care needs, crafted for women by women and manufactured in Kenya to create industry and employment.  Our skin and hair are beautiful, our best accessory,  a work of art,  we deserve products that care and nourish them.  

The African Woman

Ythera Beauty urges every woman to embrace all  aspects  of who she is and stop apologizing for  qualities about her that don’t fit the norm… to own her authentic self  and love herself unconditionally.  We  believe there is power and greatness in our uniqueness. Whoever you are, GO BE!!