$1 of every product sold sponsors a Mina menstrual cup for an African girl in need.
Crafting Skin, Body, Hair, Personal, and Home Care products that support you to embrace Your Limitless

Anna Njoroge,
Founder & CEO Ythera Beauty

Inspired by the African Woman, Power, Beauty, Strength, Femininity and Excellence are our definitions of a woman, we embrace the potential of a woman's life in all its beautiful complexities, unique and authentic...SHE IS LIMITLESS.

Ythera Beauty urges every woman to embrace all aspects of who she is and stop apologizing for her qualities that don’t fit the norm…there is power and greatness in your uniqueness. Whoever you are, go be!  We are passionate about crafting skin, hair, body, personal, and home products that care, protect, nourish, and just make you feel good, confident, valued, beautiful, and enough in your own skin. Our beautiful skin and hair require a perfect balance of moisturizing and hydrating ingredients to nourish and protect.  Our home care products are designed to help you decompress, and retreat into your personal sanctuary to rejuvenate, in this space, it is all about your dreams coming to life. 

We manufacture in Kenya we are passionate about empowering women financially through the creation of jobs by building industry. We donate $1 of every product sold towards sponsoring a Mina menstrual cup for a girl in Africa in our commitment to end period poverty. We believe every girl should have access to the support she needs to embrace and love herself in her pursuit of excellence and greatness.

Our Purpose

The African Woman

We craft products from carefully selected ingredients that address black skin and hair care needs, crafted for women by women and manufactured in Kenya to create industry and employment.  Our skin and hair are beautiful, our best accessory, a work of art, we deserve products that care and nourish them.